SIU Department

Fraudulent claims can only drive up the cost of insurance for all consumers. To help combat fraud, Repwest employs special investigation professionals throughout the U.S. and Canada. These dedicated professionals regularly work with law enforcement, the NICB, the Department of Insurance, and attorney generals to help combat insurance fraud.

If you know of any fraudulent activity involving U-Haul rentals, please call 800-528-7134 Ext. 664351 or fill out the short form on the side to report the activity directly to us. All referrals will be held completely confidential.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB):

  • Insurance criminals are stealing more than $30 billion a year from organizations and the American public.

  • Insurance fraud is the second most costly white-collar crime in America and it's the honest consumer who's paying for it.

  • The average American household pays $200 to $300 in increased insurance premiums each year just to cover the cost of insurance fraud.

You can also report fraud to the NICB online, by phone at 1-800-TEL-NICB, or by using the NICB's TIP 411 program, where cell phone users can text the keyword “FRAUD” to 847411 (TIP411) to anonymously submit their tips